Neurofeedback for ADD/ADHD, Learning disabilities, anxiety, depression and more


Free Q&A Session

We offer a free question and answer session, up to 30 minutes, either in our Cambridge office or by phone.

Initial Consultation

The first step is to schedule an initial consultation. During this 90 minute session, we will determine whether you are a viable candidate for neurofeedback therapy, Tomatis auditory training or one of the other modalities we offer. This consultation includes an initial neurofeedback session. The fee for the initial consultation is $125.

Office Visits

The rate for a single hour session of neurofeedback/brain training is $95. Multiple sessions are available at rates of 5-$90/each, 10-$85/each, 20-$80/each. While sessions are adjusted to each client’s individual needs and desires, a standard session in our office generally contains 15-20 minutes of LENS training, 20-30 minutes of traditional neurofeedback and 10-15 minutes of NeuroField in combination with therapeutic music. 30-minute appointments are available at $50. These can be customized with any of the modalities we offer to best suite a client’s needs. For example, some clients prefer to have a short appointment to focus on HEG or Acutonics.

Neurofeedback Sessions

After the evaluation, Neurofeedback sessions may  then be scheduled. They are scheduled in blocks of 10, and should optimally be done at least twice weekly for the first 6-8 weeks. After this time, clients may opt to come only once per week until their treatment is completed. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes long. The average client requires approximately 50 sessions to complete their treatment program. Some conditions respond before 40; others are more difficult and require 60 to 100 (please contact us to find average response times for a specific condition). Some individuals will begin to notice changes after just a few sessions. However, in some of the more complicated cases, major benefit will not be noted until after 10 or more sessions. Please expect to undergo at least 40 sessions to create lasting change. Although it is likely that improvements will be noticed before 20 sessions, they may not be sustained without continued sessions. Neurofeedback appears to have a cumulative benefit to the number of sessions undergone.

Quantitative EEG

The fee for a standard qEEG evaluation and recording is $450. This includes a 130-150 page report graphically detailing how the various regions of your brain functions under different circumstances [see sample report pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4]. Our qEEG data is compared to 4 different databases: Eureka3/LORETA, NeuroGuide, NxLink and NeuroRep. This makes our qEEGs considerably more thorough than those provided by most other neurofeedback practices. We also include discriminant analyses for TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and learning disabilities.

Tomatis Auditory Training/Enlisten

A standard auditory training program consists of three two-week modules. Each module is $750 (The $125 initial consulatation fee is deducted from the cost of the first Tomatis module). With more involved cases, e.g., children on the autistic spectrum five or modules may be required. From the fourth module on, discount pricing is available on an individual case basis.

Meditation Coaching

Meditation coaching sessions do not require an initial visit or qEEG. Neurological measurements are taken as the client works through a series of meditation techniques. Changes and optimizations are suggested throughout the process based on the neurological measurements.

Appetite Control

Appetite control sessions do not require an initial visit or qEEG, all ongoing diagnostic evalutation costs are included in the session price. A minimum of three sessions is recommended. Eight to ten sessions are needed for optimal results.

Accent Reduction

Accent reduction sessions do not require an initial visit or qEEG, all ongoing diagnostic evaluation costs are included in the session price. While many who have learned English as a second language read and write absolutely fluently, vocal ability can lag. With our special auditory equipment, we can guide a client to quick improvement in speaking ability. Accent reduction sessions are $50 each. Please contact us for special needs and other options.

Health Insurance Coverage

If you have a health benefits policy, you can explore the possibility of coverage. In general, insurance does not cover neurofeedback treatments; however, Flexible Spending Accounts (FLEX) have traditionally reimbursed for all our services. If your insurance company will authorize training, we ask that you pay for services and apply for reimbursement. A statement will be provided for your convenience in submitting claims. Please contact us for more information about health insurance questions.